Settlement and billing


Information service, offering the possibility of paperless processing and support of ground handling operations at the airport. Automated generation and coordination of real-time digital documents confirming the provision of services and their quantitative and qualitative indicators, which are then used to prepare invoices and billing airlines.

The solution is intended for flight servicing companies of any profile - airports, fueling companies, catering services, handling companies, air traffic control services, etc.

Digital business

Provides a flexible approach to pricing for services provided by the service company. Improves the quality of your interaction with customers.

Document flow normalization

Using generally accepted rules of information exchange makes it easier to do business with both your current and potential customers.

IATA SIS support

The solution is certified to work within the SIS platform. New standards are available in Avisoftiсa solutions in advance.



The service is based on the results of research in many key airports of the Russian Federation. The service is focused on the complete elimination of the function of digitizing data from a “paper” document, as well as any manual processing and adjustment of data. Paperwork for the servicing of one flight, and then generating of a package of documents for carrying out financial calculations takes place in a matter of minutes.

The service has been tested at the airports of Sochi, Arkhangelsk, and Rostov-on-Don, servicing departments of "Ural Airlines".


Electronic documents standards

Information enters (or is formed from) the system as the electronic documents:

  • by price lists: seFSRate, seFSTax, seFSDiscount;
  • on actual flight servicing: seFSReport;
  • by invoices: seIFS, IATA IS-XML.
Automatic generation of documents

Documents are generated from available sources automatically. Manual data entry is possible. If the business process is properly configured, the proportion of manual data entry in the service company tends to zero. All document processing procedures are performed according to a predetermined schedule, human factor is excluded.

Information quality control

Control over the completeness of filling in documents on the flight and the services rendered. A warning is displayed about missing or inappropriate data.

Paper documents exclusion

The use of LSEDM (legally significant electronic document management) principles is now possible in a full cycle of interaction with customers - from the stage of concluding an agreement to the moment of issuing accounting documents and invoices for services rendered.

Support any commercial terms

Using specialized intellectual dictionaries for calculating the cost of services allows you to vary the commercial terms in service contracts at the discretion of the relevant departments of your company. Setup will take no more than 24 hours.


The solution is easily customized to account for flight servicing of any spectrum - airport services, refuelling, on-board catering, air navigation services, rental services, and more.

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