The customs procedure of Mandatory aircraft arrival preliminary information


The informational service, providing the fulfilling of the customs procedure of Mandatory aircraft arrival preliminary information statutory from the 1st of April 2017. The development of the digital customs documents complex and the cooperation in real-time mode with the customs stations in all the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union by the enforced path is automated.

The decision is intended for the airline companies. The airports and the customs representatives can use the decision for the opportunity of the additional service of the airline company.

Execution of the law

The electronic procedure of Mandatory aircraft arrival preliminary information on the overflying of the borders of EEU by the certificated air carrier in the territory of RF (EEU) is obligatory.

Adjustment of the data import

Instead of the manual input, the airline company receives data from the sources automatically. The information map on the normalization of the informational flows is to be compiled.

Adaptability to the new formats IATA

The decision works with any formats IATA. The new formats are beforehand implemented and become available in the decisions of the company Avisoftica.



Service is executed and organized with the fully assistance of Eurasian Economic Commission.

Service is oriented on the complete exclusion of the function of the data capture from the «paper» document and any manual data reduction and correction. Handling of one flight, including the electronic cooperation with Federal Customs Service of RF takes a few minutes.

Service is approved by the airline companies of the group of businesses Volga-Dnieper and tested by the Airline Company Turkish Airlines.


Standards of the electronic messages

The information comes to the system in the form of the electronic messages:

  • on the flights planning: SSIM, SSM, ASM standard IATA SSIM;
  • on the actual flights execution: MVT standard IATA AHM;
  • on the cargoes: FFM, FWB, FHL, FBL standard IATA CargoIMP;
  • on the passengers: PNL standard IATA PSCRM;
  • on the crew team: PAXLST standard UN/EDIFACT.
Automatic paperwork

The documents are put together from the available sources automatically. Manual data input is possible. Associated with the right tuning of the business process proportion of the manual data input in the airline company tends toward zero. The access rights adjustment allows connecting the partners of the airline company to the system.

Information quality control

The control of the completeness of the documents on the flights filling is conducted. The notification on the missing or improper data comes out.

Documents set for the customs

Completeness and the formats of the documents for Federal Customs Service are held up in the actual condition.

The custom documents set can be completed by the special documents, which are not generated automatically. For example, the document on the hazardous cargoes.

Cooperation with Federal Customs Service

Container with the electronic documents is signed up with the electronic signature.

The electronical cooperation with Federal Customs Service is realized through to the reception of the correspondent decision of Federal Customs Service on the cargo.

Informing in the mode 24/7

The company Avisoftica can fulfill functions of the airline company representative on the provision of data to the Federal Customs Service in the electronic form for the purpose of the cargo customs clearance, to ensure the advance notifying on the base of the data provided by the airline company in the mode 24/7. In the case of the incomplete data on the flight — on the base of the settlements coordinated with the airline company.

Facts about the results of applying the solution

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