Passenger Revenue Accounting


The solution is used for accounting of airline’s flights’ transportation documents, of all types of air lines, for passengers, paid luggage and air freight services. Provides information for creating invoices of completed carriage for settlements with partners: airlines, governmental agencies, corporate clients and others. 

Allows preparing and transmitting of data with help of integrational solutions in airlines’ informational systems: Business Intelligence, yield management systems, operational analysis, accounting and managing and etc.


Almost fully automated technologies are used, which make accounting costs low-dependent on volume of airline’s carriage. Maximum usage of application automated services for data processing is realized.

Meets international standards

The solution provides the whole specter of international billing that, fully meeting industry standards and requirements of market regulators such as IATA, ICAO, Russian Federation’s Ministry of transport, governmental agencies.

High reliability and accuracy of accounting

Accounting is held only on the basis of official contract and order documents of airline and standardized information flows. Level of automatization allows to keep human factor to a minimum.



The product was developed on the basis of the study and analysis by Avisoftica of international and domestic materials in terms of revenue accounting and the experience of the world's largest carriers.

The solution is a qualitative transition from paper-based accounting technologies to digital technologies, which gives airlines advantages in the form of freeing up resources and improving the accuracy of the information to be analysed.

The solution is used by leading airlines of Russia and the CIS - S7 Airlines, UTair, Ural Airlines, Yakutia, Azimut, Belavia, Air Moldova, Somon Air, Tajik Air, Fly One, etc.


Flight Registration

Performed flights are automatically registered in the database. Automatic registration is made when loading the “Performed flights report” information flow from the fleet management system used by the Airline that processes departure messages (Open Sky, Meridian, SITA FleetWatch, etc.). Manual input is possible.

Documents package for the flight

Packages with electronic tickets are automatically generated during the processing of documents daily final status reports received from DCS for the previous day. Next, all document processing procedures are performed by automated modes, the transportation documentation is filled with missing data and is priced according to the information on sales reports. Manual entry of paper documents is possible.


The solution uses automated pricing procedures, including auto-proration of the airline's traffic documents and documents of other partner airlines that were transported under the Interline, Code-Sharing and SPA agreements.

Auto-proration procedures are set up in strict accordance with international rules and use up-to-date reference data from the IATA Prorate Agency.

Control of completeness and quality of accounting

The solution contains a set of procedures allowing control the completeness and quality of accounting of traffic documents. The following controls are performed:

  • Comparison of quantitative data on passengers and baggage with load sheet, which are recorded in the adjacent section on accounting for flight documentation.
  • Detection of fraud: absence of sale of document, by which transportation was completed, use of a returned document, inconsistency of amounts in the sale and carriage, etc.
  • Inventorisation and audit of carriage, allowing to quickly identify both cases of incorrect accounting, and the facts of fraud with traffic documents.
Settlements according to Interline, code-share and SPA agreements
  • Using the database of documents recorded in each specific period of flight operations, primary outgoing bills are generated for presentation to partner airlines in accordance with the requirements of RAM and the terms of bilateral agreements. Invoicing is performed in current IATA SIS or IDEC formats.
  • Incoming primary and claim bills in IATA SIS (or IDEC) formats are processed automatically.
  • The solution has a specialized section for the step-by-step review of incoming and generation of claim bills for Interline.

The Solution provides:

  • Preparation of verified data for bookkeeping, tax and management accounting;
  • Ability to integrate with the airline's IT systems;
  • Creation of bills to partners and government agencies based on the fact of carriage;
  • Receiving data extracts, forms, data marts using an intuitive interface or dedicated features.

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