Loyalty program management


Airline loyalty management programs are one of the revenue increase tools. Regardless of size of the airline, launch and long-term use of the loyalty management program gives an advantage, becomes part of the airline's image and increases brand awareness.

The loyalty accounting service is designed to record data on accrued and used bonuses, control and analysis of commercial efficiency of the loyalty management programs.

Various encouragement schemes

The airline can develop and apply encouragement schemes that provide different levels of participation and remuneration. Accrual of bonuses and gift flights can be made for frequent flights on flights of the airline and partners, and for purchases of goods and services of partners.

Personal account of the participant

The participant receives full information about the accrual and withdrawal of bonuses through a personal account on the loyalty program website.

Programs effectiveness analysis

The commercial department of the airline is able to receive regularly report on the operation of the loyalty program in a convenient way, in graphs & tables.



Loyalty programs of Russian airlines are different from loyalty programs of foreign airlines. Despite this, there are general IATA recommendations for loyalty programs. The loyalty program control service includes a preliminary audit of the loyalty program scheme for compliance with IATA requirements.


Interaction between the airline and participant of loyalty program

The personal account shows participation status as well as history of bonuses accrual and withdrawals. Subscriptions are customizable.

Corporate and family programs

The airline may not only encourage individual members. Corporate and family programs are available, for which the composition of participants belonging to the same group is configured.

Partners’ services

Enhanced participation of partners provides the following cooperation:

  • The use of joint bonus cards;
  • Receipt of additional services by members of the airline's loyalty program on special conditions;
  • Earning points for the purchase of goods and services of partners;
Personal data storage

Setting access rights to the database allows you to restrict access to personal data of participants. Automatic deletion of personal data after a set period is available.

The types of stored personal data allow creation of unique offers to participants depending on their status, class of service, ordered services and other data.


Types of mailing lists:

  • Balance
  • News
  • Notification of a new card readiness
  • Notification of points withdrawal
  • Notification of cancellation of an account
  • Notification of the change of the pin code
  • Warning of upcoming points withdrawal.
Automated modes

For mass automatic operations, robots are used that perform actions on predetermined conditions. The following are examples of robots:

  • Mailing Robot;
  • Robot notifying about incomplete registration;
  • Robot notifying about upcoming points withdrawal;
  • Robot exporting the data into XML file;

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