Interline and proration


The execution of Interline agreements requires billing according to the rules established for multilateral or bilateral agreements. This can be difficult due to the variety of agreements with different airlines and periodically introduced changes to the rules of payment. At some point, the cost of the airline billing and claim correspondence increases and the whole activity area of the airline becomes ineffective. Interline efficiency is also affected by delays when the airline does not receive revenues on time due to claim correspondence on invoices.

The Interline service allows you to simplify the billing process and make the calculations as accurate as possible. The service includes the provision of necessary reference information and proration. The provision of services is organized according to the principle of processing information flows on the service side; airlines do not need to have any supporting hardware and software on their side.

The solution is intended to support any airline’s interline agreements.

Terms of agreement

The terms of interline, code-sharing, special prorate (SPA) agreements are developed by the commercial divisions of the airline and may vary for different airlines. Multilateral agreements contain a detailed description of the proration rules, the characteristics of their use for passenger tickets, excess baggage tickets, air waybills. The Interline service allows you to consider all the conditions and automate the procedures for the coupon value calculation.

Compliance with standards

International settlements are carried out in full compliance with industry standards and recommendations of market regulators such as IATA, ICAO, and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. Outgoing accounts are generated, and incoming ones are downloaded as exchange files in accordance with the current IATA SIS schemes.


The Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) IATA project simplifies calculations on interline and provides only electronic document management. Airlines using SIS save up to 2% on operating costs. SIS is a constantly evolving IATA project. The Interline service supports billing and processing incoming invoices in SIS formats.



The solution is a qualitative transition from paper-based accounting technologies to digital technologies, which gives the airline advantages in the form of freeing up resources and improving the accuracy of the information analyzed.

The solution is applied by the leading airlines of Russia and the CIS - S7 Airlines, UTair, Ural Airlines, Yakutia, Azimut, Belavia, Air Moldova, Somon Air, Tajik Air, Fly One


Reference data

Dictionaries are a special database necessary for automatic calculation of the coupons value (autoprorate). As part of the Service, Avisoftica at its own expense, maintains the reference data required for interline calculations: interline partners and the terms of settlements with them, IATA CH courses, provisos and prorate factors from IATA.

Processing of incoming information flows

The Interline service performs automated processing of the following incoming information flows:

  • sales data: to detect sales of interline transportation on the Airline's accountable documents;
  • data from flights of the Airline: to identify the documents of interline partners;
  • invoices from partners in IATA SIS or IDEC digital formats;

Claim processing from interline partners.


According to the information database of documents recorded in each specific period of flight operations, primary outgoing bills are formed for presentation to partner airlines in accordance with the RAM requirements and the terms of bilateral agreements.

Bills are generated:

  • in electronic IATA SIS XML or IATA IDEC format;
  • in exceptional cases - in PDF format for printing and sending on paper.
Claim management

The Interline service carries out all the necessary procedures for the control of documents, the detection of incidents, the generation of claims.

The solution has a specialized section for the phased consideration of incoming and generation of claim bills for interline.


The solution uses automated pricing procedures, including auto-proration of the airline's transportation documents and documents of other partner airlines that were transported under standard agreements or SPA.

The auto-pricing procedures are set up in strict accordance with international rules and use current reference data from the IATA Prorate Agency:

  • According to standard rules, using prorates.
  • According to the rules of special prorating agreements (SPA).
The process of service provision
  • A database of processed documents is maintained: coupons, claims, bills, available at any time for the airline via a graphical interface;
  • An airline section is created in which incoming and formed documents are temporarily placed;
  • A full cycle of communication with interline partners is carried out: sending and receiving bills, and claims correspondence work.

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