Flight Expenses


The solution is designed to account for direct costs of flight, distribution of indirect costs for a flight (according to financial and accounting data), monitoring invoices of flight servicing firms and conducting claim work with flight servicing firms. Allows maintaining a database of rates and charges for airports and firms on servicing flights both at the rates registered in the CST TCH and at rates under bilateral aircraft servicing contracts between the airline and servicing firms.

Process automation

Full automation of accounting, control and audit in the presence of incoming digital information flows.

Industry Standards Support

Support for generally accepted aviation industry standards, including IATA SIS.

Mobile applications

Own mobile applications allow to improving the efficiency of flight data transmission.



The Solution by Avisoftica was the first such offer in the Russian and CIS market. Developed based on study of the existing financial relations between airlines and airports, contractual and regulatory documents used in Russian and international practice. The product is focused on minimizing manual processing and adjustment of data. Paperwork for servicing a single flight, and then monitoring incoming bills for financial settlements takes a minute.

The solution is successfully used by leading carriers, both in Russia and in other countries - Ural Airlines, UTair, AK Yakutia, Air Moldova, Fly One, Somon Air, Tajik Air, Dneproavia, Motor Sich.


Principles of accounting
  • Accounting the fact of providing the services and their number is carried out on the basis of primary documents such as supervisor acts, checklists, work orders, etc.
  • Automated pricing of services is carried out based on the database of rates and service fees.
  • Based on the calculated data, invoices are checked upon receipt. Incidents of control are included in claims to servicing firms.
Automation of accounting, control and audit of information flows
  • Use of the sePerformedFlights file format from the airline’s fleet management systems allows automatic flight data enter by filling information on flight tasks and load-sheets (by flights segments, refuelling and residues, etc.);
  • Rates and fees registered at the CST TCH are loaded automatically;
  • Automated control of quantitative indicators for passengers, baggage, cargo and mail: data from the combined loading lists are checked against the database of shipping documents from the completed flight;
  • Automated control of refuelling and fuel residues;
Crew time tracking

The solution provides crew time records.

The working time of the crew is considered according to the types of working time and the role of crew members in flight, indicating the personnel register and position.

The data is transmitted to the relevant Airline system for the payroll calculation.

Mobile application «Supervisor act»

The solution ensures that electronic servicing documents are considered when representatives at the airport use the Mobile Application for processing Supervisor Acts.

The use of a mobile application solves the problem of promptly obtaining information about the flight servicing provided and eliminates the manual entry of services from paper documents.

Automated bills acceptance

The solution allows automatic acceptance of invoices while using industry standards.

It has ready-made functionality for accounting and control of accounts in generally accepted formats:

  • Automated invoice processing (Bill + Registry of services rendered) in IATA IS-XML format (SIS technology).
  • Automated invoice processing (Bill + Registry of services rendered) in the seInvFlightService format by Avisoftica.
Reporting and analytics

The solution provides:

  • Generation of standard reporting forms for industry regulators - МоТ, IATA, ICAO;
  • Preparation of verified data for bookkeeping, tax and management accounting;
  • Preparation of analytical and statistical data for internal use in the Airline, including for a comprehensive analysis of flight and route profitability;
  • Ability to integrate with the airline's IT systems;

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