Flight booking records


Booking accounting is a service aimed for interaction between the cargo sales agency and an airline, which includes request for reservation, reservation response processing, as well as automated generation of a booking list . This service allows airlines to gain maximized load factor.

Exchange of international standard telegrams

The possibility of exchanging telegrams of international standard allows the agency to work simultaneously with multiple airlines from the Transcargo (as).

Automatic generation of a booking list

The automatic generation of the booking list allows the airline to control loading of the aircraft at any time before departure and to optimize loading of both full-cargo and mixed flights.

The most complete data on freight

The airline has access to the full volume of data on cargo transportation indicated in the booking record, including data that will not be later transferred to the air waybill.



The possibility to make bookings on airline flights in the following cases:

  • The airline and the agency both use the neutral Transcargo (as) environment;
  • The airline operates in the neutral Transcargo (as) environment, the agency does not;
  • The agency operates in a neutral Transcargo (as) environment, the airline does not;

When booking is confirmed, the air waybill is automatically included in the booking list for the flight(s). When cancelling a reservation, the air waybill is automatically deleted from the booking list.


Quick booking requests

The ability to “clone” a booking request allows the agency to quickly create a new booking request to another airline in the booking was refused.

Messages history

Viewing the history of messages exchanged for a specific reservation makes it easy to restore the agency’s conversation with the airline.

Automatic generation of air waybills

Automatic generation of air waybills from booking requests saves time and makes the process of issuance of traffic documents fully automated

Automatic removal of "hung" requests

Automatic deletion of booking requests that were left unanswered saves time for agency employees

Obligation to confirm consent for carriage by FWB message

If, after receiving confirmation of the reservation, the agency did not send a telegram on the air waybill (FWB) within a certain period, then the reservation is automatically cancelled. Thanks to this, the airline will have no problems with confirmed reservations, for which there is no real cargo


If part of the text in the request is entered in Russian, then when forming a telegram, such part will be transliterated.

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