Cargo Revenue Accounting


The informational- technological solution is intended for accounting and control of agent sales, accounting of revenue from air freight on all types of air lines. Provision of claims management with agencies based on the results of sales control is ensured, provision of information for the generation of invoices for transportation performed for settlements with partners: airlines, customers of cargo transportation, government agencies, corporate clients, etc.
The solution is intended for airlines carrying any freight on any flight types.


Almost fully automated technologies are used, in which the remaining costs of accounting provide a low degree of dependence on the airline's traffic volume. Maximum use of automated data processing services is implemented.

Standardized Information Flows

The automated processing of information flows is ensured - reception, control for compliance with existing standards, prompt informing of “primary sources” of identified discrepancies, storage of “clean” documents.

Accuracy and efficiency of accounting and calculations

Accounting is carried out only on basis of official contractual and regulatory documents of the airline and standardized information flows. Accuracy and efficiency are achieved through the organization of mutually controlled information flows with a high degree of efficiency of information receipt, exclusion of manual input and manual calculations.



The solution will provide a painless transition to the electronic air waybills (e-AWB).
When the solution is implemented in the airline, the technological processes necessary for the processing of e-AWB are built, at the same time the information flows from the partners participating in the freight transportation to the requirements of the industry standards “e-Freight” are brought.
The solution is used by leading airlines of Russia and the CIS - S7 Airlines, UTair, Ural Airlines, Yakutia, Azimut, Belavia, Air Moldova, Somon Air, Tajik Air, Fly One, etc.


Accountable documents tracking

Automatic accounting and reviewing of applications for transferring of issuing Accountable documents (AD) is provided. Afterwards AWB stocks distribution data can be uploaded into the airline’s CRS. Maintaining the AD movement database and monitoring the use of AD ensure control of the uniqueness of AD use.

Sales accounting and control

Automated processing of electronic reports on sales of freight in the seCSR format.

The following is provided in scope of Service:

  • maintenance of database of tariffs, taxes and conditions for the application of airline tariffs,
  • application of specialized procedures for calculating and controlling the cost of transportation, developed taking into account the recommendations of the IAТA TACT Rules and taking into account commercial conditions of the airline;
  • automated processing of claims on identified incidents based on the results of monitoring reports.
Cargo manifests

When registering a performed flight, document packages are automatically generated, and the air waybill data loaded into them to the extent of data contained in IATA CargoIMP FFM digital cargo manifests. With digital cargo manifests timely delivered, the airline can have the information about the cargo transported on the flight the next day after departure. Manual entry of data is possible.

Transportation documents pricing

Automated modes provide data completion and calculation of the transportation cost of airline air waybills according to sales reports. The pricing of the shipping documents of partner airlines transported under Interline agreements is carried out additionally.

Control of accounting quality and completeness

Automated modes provide an inventory and audit of shipments that allow for the prompt detection of cases of incorrect accounting (incorrect information in cargo manifests, manual input errors), and cases of fraud with reporting and traffic documents

Interline calculations, reporting and analytics

The Solution provides:

  • Billing and processing of Interline invoices using IATA SIS Cargo technology.
  • Generation of invoices for partners and government agencies on the fact of sale or flight;
  • Preparation of verified data for bookkeeping, tax and management accounting;
  • Preparation of analytical and statistical data for internal use in the Airline, including comprehensive analysis of routes/flights profitability;
  • Ability to integrate with airline IT-systems.

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