Aerial works


An information service offering possibility of maintaining contractual relations and processes for the settlement of airlines performing aerial works (hereinafter referred to as aerial works) with the customer companies of these works. Records of completed aerial works are provided in accordance with the applications received and agreed upon earlier from customers, as well as prepared invoices for customers. The Solution is intended for airlines that perform any type of aerial works - monitoring of oil and gas pipelines, aviational-chemical works, medical flights, air taxi services, etc.

Informatization of business

A unified database of all necessary indicators is provided in the planning and execution of aerial work. The reliability of financial settlements with customers is increased.

Digital document management

Excluded paperwork for financial and accounting documents helping to speed up cashflow.

Standards support

Support is provided to generally accepted standards for information interaction between counterparties from the moment a tender application was formed by the customer of aerial works until an invoice is sent to him.



The service is based on the experience of Avisoftica in the area of financial relations in civil aviation, taking into account actual practice of applying and studying international and domestic technologies. The service is focused on minimizing the function of digitizing data from a “paper” document, as well as any manual processing and correction of data. Registration of a flight’s aerial works, and then generation of a document package for carrying out financial calculations takes place in a matter of minutes.

The service is successfully used by the largest helicopter operator of Russia - UTair.


Aerial works contracts

The concluded agreements with the customers of the aerial works are taken into account, as well as the essential terms of the contracts - for example, the types of aerial work, other payers, units of measurement, prices, etc. Applications for aerial works, planned for implementation under the contracts, are recorded.

Information quality control

The control of information completeness on the flight and the aerial work performed is being conducted. A warning is displayed about missing or inappropriate data.

Automated pricing

Automated determination of the prices of aerial work. Errors due to human factors are excluded.

Financial obligations

Accounting of financial obligations and payments on the basis of invoices generated for aerial work customers is possible. Increases transparency of financial and accounting processes.

Statistics and analysis

The solution provides:

  • Receiving samples, forms, reports, including the generally accepted requirements - «GA forms»;
  • Preparation of verified data for bookkeeping, tax and management accounting;
  • Tools for analyzing the profitability of the airline.

Documents on the maintenance of flights performing aerial works are generally received directly by the carrier. For the convenience of settlements with customers, air service re-invoicing mechanism is implemented.

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