Airline sales

General information

An informational-technology solution that records and monitors sales of passenger air travel and additional services, claims handling with agencies based on the results of sales control.

The solution is intended for use by various departments of the Airline: bookkeeping, financial, commercial, etc.

Automation of data processing

Processing of incoming information flows is provided by special services. Manual data entry is practically excluded. The set of flexible service settings allows you to organize the whole process according to individual needs of the airlines.

Support for new IATA initiatives

All new IATA requirements and recommendations are monitored and in time, before their entry into use, become available in Avisoftica solutions. Experience - implementation of electronic tickets, and then implementation of EMD. Currently, the focus is on the IATA ONE Order project.

Modern technologies

The solution supports both the traditional agency reporting scheme, which consists in receiving reports from agencies and their processing, as well as the alternative method of sales reports generation for agencies based on sales data.




Electronic messages Standards

Automated processing of electronic messages from:

  • sales consolidators: sales reports in BSP HOT, ARC САТ, TCH SSV-152 formats;
  • independent agencies: reports in sePaxSalesReport format developed by Avisoftica (XML-based);
  • GDS: архив суточных продаж в форматах RET, TCN Exchange, ССВ-152, архив бронирований PNR.
    GDS: daily sales archive in RET, TCN Exchange, SSV-152 formats, PNR archive.
Information quality control

Most controls are performed using special procedures. Some of them run in automatic mode, which eliminates the human factor.

Control of completeness of the information receipt is performed using data from the sales archive.

PNR data, fares&taxes and other reference information are used to control correctness of documents issuance.

Agency remuneration calculation

The use of specialized intellectual directories for the calculation of agencies’ regular and bonus commissions allows an airline taking into account any conditions dictated by the commercial policy of such airline.

Claim processing

The solution includes claim correspondence with agencies. Manual entry of claims into the system is possible, however most of the claims are automatically generated during the execution of control procedures. Claims are corresponded with agencies using electronic messages or via a WEB interface. Support for claim work with sales consolidators through their: TCH Connect, BSPLink, ARC_MM.

Payments receipt control

The control is carried out by comparison of electronic messages from payment systems against data from carriage database for those transactions that were paid by plastic cards, electronic money or through payment points. The system easily adapts to adding new formats of electronic messages. This allows airlines to expand the range of methods of payment for transportation, without compromising the quality of payment control.


The Solution provides:

  • Generation of output forms and creating data marts of fixed content for bookkeeping, financial accounting, commercial and other departments of an airline;
  • The possibility of obtaining Data extracts and aggregates with any selected criteria using an intuitive interface;
  • Export data as electronic messages and allowing transfer to partners or other airline’s IT systems.

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