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The solution is designed to control sales and generate report in agencies. Passenger and cargo sales data of an agency is processed, verified and stored in a single database. For the periods established by contracts with airlines and consolidators, a set of ready-made reports is generated. Allows the company management to focus on increasing sales, eliminating of routine operations for passenger and cargo air traffic accounting. Agencies of any scale, travel agencies and airlines' own sales agencies can take advantage of the solution.

Effective control of the agency cashier

A two-stage control of accepted payments is carried out: a cash flow verification against cash reports and the result of collection, then the accepted payments are verified against sales reports. The reconciliations are automated and do not require the preparation of bulky reports after the shift.

Standardized Reporting

The agency receives reports on the standards of major airlines and consolidators. Report formats are embedded and updated to reflect the latest requirements. This makes it easier to make decisions about expanding agency activities.

New technologies

Ability to work with the counter-party who uses new electronic document management technologies for exchange of documents and verification of reports.



The new direction of the reporting of the agency

The direction of the preparation of sales reporting with the advent of electronic tickets has changed to the opposite. Now the information about sales comes to the airline faster than the report of the agent. Airlines are moving to issuing reports to agencies, rather than waiting for the finished document. Our solution allows you to automatically monitor reports issued by airlines and maintain claim correspondence.


Loading sales data from GDS

The solution is compatible with any GDS used by the agency. Documents are loaded automatically into the cashier's report.

Agency rewards calculation

Calculation of commissions on the tariff and taxes of the issued traffic documents, calculation of the bonus reward. Manual entry is possible.

Internal reporting and analytics

Internal management reports provide sales totals in MS Excel® format. It is possible to generate a report on request.

Interaction with corporate clients

Bills are generated for corporate clients, including government agencies. Loyalty programs for corporate customers with various types of incentives can be used.

Claim correspondence

ACM / ADM correspondence is fixed at each stage until it is completed. Reports are prepared on the claims indicating the reasons for the claim upon finishing the reporting period.

Accountable documents

For agencies that use paper documents, control over the transition, issuance and use of accountable documents is performed.

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